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Fruitship is a story building memory game for 2-4 players. You can replace tokens with shots if you want to make it a drinking game. This however is optional.

The players build a story by placing a card on the grid above. Each time you place a card you have to come up how it relates to the story. If you place a card on top of a previous card you change that part of the story. You are allowed to interpret the symbols of the card quite freely as long it makes sense in the story.


  • Each player gets 3 tokens.
  • Mix all the cards together and divide them equally to each player.
  • The story should always start "Once upon a time..."
  • At each turn a player needs to place a card on the board at the point of the story that he wants to change. When a player places a card on the board he needs to fill in that part of the story. 
  • Using turns, place the cards in the order of the numbers on the board until all spots are filled and the first edition of the story is created.
  • After all spots are filled cards can be placed at any position as long as it follows the other card placement rules.
  • At every turn the player needs to recite the whole story from the beginning,  without making mistakes. If the player remembers wrong then he needs to use one of his tokens  and then he can reinvent that part of the story.
  • If the player runs out of tokens he is out of the game. If all players run out of cards the player with most unused tokens wins, or it is a draw.
  • A card cannot be placed adjacent to another card of the same colour. (Diagonals do not count).
  • Cards can be placed on top of each other, but cannot be placed on top of the same colour card or where the previous player placed a card.

Björn Lindholm - Game Design
Annakaisa Kultima - Game Design
Sylvia  Smatanová - Art